Having A Better Biking Community

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While cars have become much affordable nowadays, there are still those who would rather take a daily commute to and from their work or their school. But some would also rather use their bike which is a better way to be fit because you are able to find a way to have a decent amount of exercise everyday. It is practical, especially for those who are not too far from their work, since it does not require the use of gasoline and no need to pay for parking. And lastly, it is environmenally friendly as it does not contribute to the global warming since it does there is no emission of carbon.Although what I find to be alarming is that public and private enterprises do not fully advocate this. You may ask why, this is because there is a lack of:

Bicycle lanes;

Bike parking racks;

Campaigning on the use of bicycles and;

Bike-related safety campaigns

The need for change

The growing number of cars on the road has become an issue for both public safety and environmental protection. This is because the increase of cars on the road correlates to an increase of vehicular accidents and traffic injuries which threatens the safety of the people who are walking the streets, biking along the road, and even those who are also in their vehicle. It becomes a threat to the environment because of the carbon emissions brought upon by the massive consumption of gas to which it contributes to global warming.

Be an advocate

Whatever your position in the society is, you can always be an advocate towards achieving the goal of using bikes more often. As an individual, you can start by using your bike and influencing others to do so. For governments and private enterprises, they can start off by installing more parking bollards on the sidewalks or within an establishment because one of the concerns for cyclists is the lack of bicycle racks in their community. Through this, constituents and employees find it to be more motivating to use bicycles as their mode of transportation because they have been relieved of the thought of not having a place to park their bikes which and have a much nearer spot to park it with which gives them the security that they need.

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