Policies You Must Be Aware Of

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Every business, organization, or institute has its own set of policies to ensure that they function properly. So before you enroll in a training class at Moto Dojo, there are certain procedures that you must be familiar with. A very relevant concern of people in today’s time and age is that details and information about their personal life that they share with the training institute at the time of enrolment are kept safe. To ensure that records of all learners are kept safe, Moto Dojo has a policy whereby any information regarding you will not be shared with any other individual other than you.

As far as details are concerned, only three relevant parties have access to your data, they include: transport, roads, and police in Queensland. If anyone else claims for any information, then they are required to write an application to the manager and only if he after accessing the identity of the person agrees to share information, then it is data shared.  All those of you interested in meeting and contacting the manager, he sits in Springwood, the exact location being 42 Barbaralla Drive. If due to certain reasons, you cannot meet the manager in person, you can talk to him over the phone and get in touch through email. If you have yourself lost your records and want a copy of it yourself, then you will be required to pay dollar sixty.

Apart from privacy of information, Moto Dojo makes sure that all those interested in enrolling at their training program have an equal chance of joining. They believe in equity and strive for it within their organization. So they do not discriminate on the basis of your skin color, your religion, your language, your sexual orientation and this is something that you will experience once you join them. They make sure that all trainers and staff members are guided in this context. To avoid any issues later, all those interested in training, must for themselves tally themselves against the eligibility criteria, so that you yourself know exactly where you stand and are not later dishearten and if you are not selected.  In addition, if any person suffering from language barrier or has difficulty in learning, or has some physical disability or anything else, and it is discussed with Moto Dojo in the beginning.

Moto Dojo is driven by their particular code of conduct that is expected to be abided by all learners. It includes that the person enrolling in a motorcycle training course Gold Coast program must be mentally and physically fit. If they have any aliment or disorders, they must be honestly shared as it would be beneficial for that person itself. Also you must have a license for learning, otherwise you won’t be allowed to train. All safety gear especially the helmet riders wear should be according to Australian standards. No one is allowed to ride motorcycles around the training center without the supervision of the trainer.

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