Used Vs New Car: Which One To Buy?

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If you talk to a certain financial advisor about buying a new vehicle, they may tell you to go instead for a used one. They will give reasons such as they cost less than a brand new one, they will have lower amounts of insurance payments than a new car and now that cars are built with advanced technology there is not much of a threat of buying a used one. They will also show you that vehicles depreciate fastest in the first two years of using. So used…? So what do you think? Going for a used car is the best option? It maybe. Yes, the showed reasons are true; however, you have to make sure that the specific car you are buying has all these going on as well as it is in good condition; has it been properly maintained? Who and how is the former owner? Are you sure no tampering has been done with the mileage it has already covered? Is there a truck mechanic Wetherill Park who can be a witness to the good situation the car was kept? There is now software which can find out if the car has been met with a serious accident and is repaired for that to not be shown. Use all the measures available to you to find out if it is worth to buy a used car.

Financial aspect

Whether you are buying a used or a brand new car, make sure you can afford it. If you are going for mortgage financing or leasing will depend on how much you can manage to pay for a month. First, sit down and work on a budget for your general day-to-day spend; how much you want per month for usual expenditure? Then set aside an amount for the “emergency fund”, it is always prudent to have some money set aside for when you might want it in a hurry. Now you are left with the disposable amount. Are you expecting any promotions? Pay rises? Then you can tell that also to the financial advisor from the bank. Taking all these in to account you can now guess at a car which you will be able to afford. Visit for truck mechanic.

New car

Arguments for new car is also there. Used cars are not bad; they can be ones that were maintained properly and giving you less trouble. However, considering the amount you’d pay for a used car as against a new car and the time period you are able to use a new car without any maintenance must be taken in to account. In fact, the time you can use it, period, must be considered too. That stands at a longer time than for a used car. This is a substantial advantage. Also, a new car is more reliable and mechanically sound; there are less chances that you would need to contact a mobile truck mechanic Blacktown on the way for a long trip! New or old, remember to take care of the car you buy. That is the best way to take more value out of what you paid for it.

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